How do I know which BT email product I have?

There are two types of BT email. Either you go for the email service that you get free with the broadband package from BT, or the premium email service that needs to be paid for. Currently there also are a few users who use very old email addresses by BT that are not linked to any of these services right now.

With BT Premium Mail, you get the same functionality that you get with BT Broadband email. However, there is one little difference between the two, which is that for the latter, you have to pay a sum of £7.50 every month via direct debit. Although you will only be paying a single monthly fee, you will be allowed to create 10 more email addresses for your loved ones.

If you happen to be an existing customer with BT Email and have other emails IDs that are linked to your BT ID, it will automatically be moved during the order process, thus creating one single BT Premium Mail account that will collect all of your email IDs.

You can order BT Premium Mail (if you are eligible to do so) from the page dedicated to email management. To do so, use your BT ID to log on to your My BT. Select Your Package and choose Inclusive Extras. Here, select BT Email link and click on Manage BT Email. In case BT Broadband has been ceased, BT will tell you the same along with a link that will guide you to Move towards BT Premium Mail. Select this link in order to place your order.

If the account holder has given you an email address, a link at the top of the page will tell you to Move to BT Premium Mail. Clicking on this link will place your order. Within 24 hours, you will receive a notification confirming the purchase on your email ID. While the move is taking place, you can still use all services as usual.

If you have not taken the extra step to switch to BT Premium and are not charge for it every month, then you know which product you use. Additionally, logging in to you BT Account with your BT ID will also tell you what email product you are using.

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