How do I set up my email software using Office 365?

You can several types of email accounts to your Outlook, like Yahoo, iCloud, Gmail and so on. There are also many third party email service providers like iCloud and Gmail who need you to fiddle with the settings on their respective websites before these accounts are added to your Outlook. To quickly add a new account you need to follow through a few quick steps.

Begin with Outlook, thenĀ Preferences, then Account and click on the plus sign. From here, select New Account, type in your email address, click Continue, enter your password and select Add Account. If the account is Yahoo, POP or something similar, they may take you to their websites to seek permission to access your calendars, contacts and emails. Click Allow and give them the permission.

Click on Done to finish the process. The steps remain the same irrespective of the number of email accounts you are adding to your Outlook. Click on File and then go to Add Account. Enter in whatever details you are asked to enter and the complete the process. If you are asked to do so, re-enter your password, click on OK, then type Finish and you can start to use your email account.

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