What is BT email error 0x800ccc0e ?

When your program fails to connect to the mail server for some reason or another, Outlook Express or Outlook starts showing the error 0x800ccc0e. If you did not changed your email settings between the last time it opened up without any error and now, then you may need to fiddle with the settings. Another sign to check this is to see if you can surf through the web without any issues. If not, the problem is in your internet connection. Otherwise, go to the following link to visit the page for checking the Broadband Service Status;

Check online for broadband service problems in your area >

You can also give the Broadband service status a call. Otherwise, do not temper with the settings as the error is most likely temporary and will resolve on its own in very little time. So, all you have to do is shut the program down and try again some time later.

Some sundry network problems in your locality may also be the reason behind you not being able use your email as usual. If you are certain that none of the above can be the cause of your problems, you should check set up details of your account with the email client you use. The following link will help you check whether your settings are correct or not;

How do I set up BT Email on my computer or mobile device? >

This should be your last resort. These solutions combined should be able to solve any problems you may have been facing up until now and resolve the error for good. Still, do not think too much before calling the service providers up and talking to them about the problems you have been facing as they are always happy to help.

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