What is BT mail error code 10007?

The error code 10007 is displayed when your email account’s settings are configured incorrectly. This has the probability of causing errors of registry in your operating system. This makes the smooth running of your email services difficult and disruptive. The BT Email, TV and Broadband services that are available to you become inaccessible to you.

When this error occurs, the issues that the users face include the PC or laptop start to malfunction as the system crashes. The system programming can start to lock up, which will freeze the entire system. It may also become hard to uninstall or install the software because of the entries that were invalid in the Windows’ registry.

Your system becomes susceptible to attack by viruses that are dangerous and hamper the system’s performance. The repeated pop up message signifying that the error has occurred is obviously annoying, along with the error deleting files on its own irrespective of how important those files are. Moreover, the system will shut down impulsively when the error occurs. This will not allow the users to work efficiently.

However, these problems can be resolved by downloading a tool called re image repair tool, saving its file on the PC, navigating the location of the file by double clicking and agreeing to its installation. Lastly, the user will just have to allow the automatic scan of this tool, which will resolve all windows registry issues. The issue should then be resolved and the error will be dealt with in the best possible manner. As a result, the user will no longer face any of the above mentioned consequences of the error that had been popping up and causing a hinderance in the work performance of the user.

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