How to add BT Mail to the windows 10 mail app?

You can access your email through many different ways these days. It could be from the web browser you use, through your preferred app on your smartphone or the software that can be found on computers that retrieves new email messages on its own. Microsoft’s mail app is one of those many apps, but it gives you more features and more facilities, making it a preference among users.

Microsoft sends alerts about new emails to the action centre, the live tile present on the start menu informs you about the contents of your inbox and you can set the app to read mail received in any email address, like BT mail. To set it up to do so, open the mail app through the start menu and clicking on the mail icon. On the box that you will then see, click on Get started and click on Add account to add your BT email address.

In the list that will open up, choose Other account and in the boxes, type in your BT account email and password. Although the app is extremely secure, the data you enter is provided at your personal risk. Once you fill all the boxes, click on sign in, give a name to your account and sign in. the app will then make sure that everything is set up and at the bottom, click on Done. To start using the app, click on Ready to Go. If you want to get email particularly from BT, click on the vertical lines option at the top of the browser and click on the email address for your BT email account. Once the emails load, they will start to appear on your screen.

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